Monday, 19 July 2010

A few more renders...

Render of Cab design including front Nurf bar, Bulke head A frame and rear A Frame.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Roll bar and cab takes shape

Josh has spent a couple of days working on the roll cage and cab design, it's looking good! We have found some 63mm pipe fittings that the main roll & bull bars will be fabricated from. The cab will be in a smaller gauge pipe.

Also got the engine running again today, under control of the new ECU, ECP and 24V system.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

24V Conversion Progresses

Iskra 24V Starter Motor, replacement for our Perkins supplied 12V Starter.
I have made some good progress with the 24V conversion, Having finally got hold of part numbers from Perkins for the 24V parts required for our engine (Why they couldn't supply it 24V in the first place sill baffles me!). I started by getting a quote from Perkins, the Starter was £350 and the ESOS was £100! Unfortunately the part numbers were Perkins numbers, so the exact make/models were not know, however, I thought a google search would be worth a shot.. bingo! I found the starter was made by Iskra. A couple of phone calls later and I got a price of £260 for the starter and £80 for the ESOS, but why stop there! I found a number for the Iskra distributor and phoned them up, got the starter for £120!!! bargain! Now how can Perkins justify £350??

As I struggled to get any information out of Perkins to convert my engine, I thought I should publish my findings here, to aid others who may wish to do the same. I should point out that these part numbers worked for me and fitted my engine, check your part numbers and engine type, they may be different!

Engine: 404D-22T

12 V System
12V Starter:
  • Perkins Part No: U85086770
  • Perkins Cost: £240
  • Manufacturer P/N: Remy 8000227
  • Cost: Unknown
  • Perkins Part No: Unknown
  • Perkins Cost: Unknown
12V Altenater:
  • Perkins Part No: Unknown
  • Perkins Cost: Unknown
12V Glow Plugs:
  • Perkins Part No: Unknown
  • Perkins Cost: Unknown
24V System
24V Starter:
  • Perkins part no: TPN803 
  • Perkins Cost: £350
  • Manufacturer P/N:  Iskra IS1100
  • Cheapest Supplier Found:
  • Cost: £120
  • Perkins Part No: TPN884
  • Perkins Cost: £110
  • Manufacturer P/N: Unknown
  • Cheapest Supplier Found:  
  • Cost: £80 
24V Altenater:
  • PerkinsPart No: N/A
  • Perkins Cost: £150
24V Glow Plugs:
  • Perkins Part No: 185366100
  • Perkins Cost: Unkonwn
  • Alternative: Durite 01-130-29  (
  • Cost: £9.48 each

New Starter Motor and 24V Alternator fitted.

Engine Control Panel (ECP)

I got most of the ECP finished today, still have to find a knob for the Pressure setting dial, but other than that it's pretty much there, looking good I think. Also have the new ECU PCB built and nearly installed, very close to having a functional 24V engine.

Engine Control Panell.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Anodized Aluminium Complete

I collected the anodized aluminium parts today, after some apprehension with how they were going to turn out, so far they look great! When Josh starts back on the project the first job is to do the cross drilling in all of the leg cheek parts, we didn't have time to do this prior to Josh's finish date back in May, so I decided to get them anodized while he was away, and do the last bit of his machining upon his return, hopefully we won't damage them!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

James and his pile of parts!

Having spent the last 4 or 5 weeks at the workbench, James has made a large dent in the assembly of much of the electronics and cable assemblies. Having James to help with the electronics build has been invaluable, as it has enabled me to carry on designing the ECU and ECP for the engine.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Ankle Plate

Kind of funky coloured ankle contact plate, shame it won't be visible when installed!