Monday, 25 October 2010

The BIG move

This is our last week in Wokingham, as such we moved the Mantis to its new location in Romsey today. It was an early 6:30 start as we wanted to get the truck free by 12:30, half a days rent.

We start to empty the workshop in preparation for the Hiab
Definitely time to move, as we couldn't move in our workshop!

The Hiab arrives.
On goes the Mantis, weighing in at 1450Kg in its current sate.

The rest of the kit is loaded up.
And we're ready to leave.
The Mantis is carefully craned in to the new unit.
And finally gets to stretch its legs.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

More feet..

Our stack of feet is piling up, plus we have nearly found a suitable off the shelf gaiter for the ball joint (well done dad!), however, it would require some modification for a good fit.

Coxa Landing Foot

We decided today that the simplest thing to do for the landing feet for the coxas, was to add a delrin disk to the bottom of each coxa, concentric to the axis. The disk is essentially sacrificial, but should last a fair while, as the only time it would take any abrasion would be swinging the coxa back to neutral after a non-standard power down.. or a collision!

Encoder Protection

Josh has fitted bot the back legs, including the assembly of the encoder protection caps, still not sure it is enough, I wonder if an additional ring is required half way up. Still, plenty good enough for now!