Friday, 5 April 2013

H&S operating the Mantis

Here is part of the H&S document I put together for Bestival 2012, this describes the working envelope of the machine, and operational practice.

Mantis Hexapod - Plan View Working Envelope

When the machine is powered up, the following applies:

RED: (No Go Area)
When the machine is powered up, under no circumstances should any personnel enter the Red area. Only when the machine is powered off or in a low power state can trained personnel enter this area.

ORANGE: (Leg Operational Area)
During normal walking operation the legs should stay within the orange area, but can be over-ridden under manual control by the operator to reach within the yellow area.

YELLOW: (Leg Reach Area)
The yellow area is the personnel clearance distance during operation. This represents a 3000mm radius from the leg coxa/hip joint that places personnel outside the maximum reach of a leg. 

When the machine is powered off, all areas are safe, however, if the machine is supported above the  ground by its own legs and without any prop stands, NO personnel should go underneath the body!

I've had a fair few requests for more information on the Mantis control system, so here is a schematic overview:

Mantis Control System Overview