Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Coxa Rams

I decided to check if the coxa rams fit as designed, the answer is yes,, and no! The front and back rams are fine, but the middle ram has a clashing issue with part of the frame. I sat puzzling over this for some time, and went back to the 3D cad model and studied it for the same clash.

In the model sure enough there is no problem, but on the machine there is a clash of at least 3 to 5mm. So I started measuring everything.. and comparing to the model. Again, averting looked spot on.. that was until I measured the diameter of the ram, yup, the ram is 60mm diameter, and the 3d model is 50mm diameter. Hmm, not sure why when or how that happened, but there you go, it did! Nothing the grinder wont fix :).

The rams look great when they are in place, they break up the square shape of the chassis.