Tuesday, 31 May 2011

New Coxa Axles Fitted

The first two coxa axles have been fitted! This process went surprisingly well, and the coxa's went back together without any issues, I'm sure I must have missed something :) Mick and Chris at D & T Precision have done a great job of the new stub axles and the stainless steel bearing housings. I also gave him the coxa plates to re-bore so 56mm to take the bearing housing, again a sterling job Mick!

Upper Coxa Stub Axle

New SS bearing housing fitted into the lower coxa plate.
SS bearing housings fitted to both upper and lower coxa plates.

And the new coxa axle design fitted back to the machine.
We only have two engine cranes, one of which is my brother in laws, so I can only hoist two legs at a time. Now the front two legs are back on, I have taken the middle two legs off and sent the coxa plates off to D & T for the next lot of bearing housings to be fitted. With any luck I will get these on sometime over the weekend.

Monday, 23 May 2011

The first two of six!

So I started the strip down of the coxa joint to replace the broken axles with the new stub and bearing design. This process will take two to three weeks due to the fact that I only have two engine hoists so we can only remove two legs at a time. Once the legs are suspended on the cranes, the coxa's are disassembled and the top and bottom plates are sent to D&T precision to have the bearings housings fitted.