Tuesday, 28 April 2015

First cuts!

Well here it is my first few cuts with the j48-1. Pretty impressed so far. I can't run it for long as I still have cooling and extraction to sort out, but the laser seems to cut well and marks anodised aluminium well too! Happy :)

J48-1 Laser mounted to cadet CNC

So there it is, mounted to the pacer cadet :) so far so good! I've also finished the electrical looms so should be able to test it this afternoon.

Synrad optical mount

Fitted the ULO optics mount ready to take the head. I found ULO optics to be much cheaper than the Synrad options I was looking at. I got the compact laser mount (C-LMC), and the compact lens nozzle assembly 38mm F.L. (C-LN38) Both for £300+VAT which is less than half the price of the Synrad setup.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Added connectors to control box

From left to right:
Power and PWM
Interlock and laser warning signals
Control input from CNC machine.