Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Now I'm getting into the CAN bus I can really see the benefits, actually I could always see the benefits, I just couldn't find a free block of time to tackle the learning curve. Anyway, I have also added CAN connectivity to the ECU, again I had already designed in the necessary hardware, so all that was need was to add the firmware to the dsPIC code. Having the ECU on a CAN bus is going to be really useful, as it means I can tell the HexEngine when the Engine is running, and when the system is at pressure, or for example when the Engine is about to power off due to loss of oil pressure! For testing purposes I added a page to the VIC-E Control utility to display the engine status.

My last CAN hurdle, which no doubt will be the hardest is to get the Peak PC104 CAN card I have ordered installed and operational within the HexEngine Linux system.. this no doubt like all things Linux too me will not be as simple as one might hope. But for now its off to France for a long weekend break.

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