Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Webtec FlowHUB
Having spent some considerable time figuring out how to use the two System 20 flow sensors I purchased some time ago, to monitor the flow through the system I then came across Webtecs new FlowHUB. Essentially it is exactly what I need in one device, and with built in electronics and sender. It also measures temperature, but unfortunately does not send the temperature signal.

So I stood looking and worrying about my System 20 Christmas tree, and though why not give Webtec a ring and find out just how much one would set us back. Well you can imagine they aren't cheap, however, having explained our application to Webtec, they gave us a very healthy discount as well as allowing me to return a temperature sensor to them that I had recently bought in part exchange for the FlowHUB and as its a new product some operational feedback to Webtec.

Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that it will fit in without causing too much of an issue with hose lengths, but even if I have to have a couple of hoses re-made, it s allot easier than trying to get the four pressure transducers on the system 20 configuration to work!

To the right of this image you can see the two System 20 sensors I hope the FlowHUB will replace.