Monday, 28 March 2011

Major Problem!

Ok, so having had the Mantis up and running for about two weeks, and gradually running more tests, I noticed one of the legs calibration point kept drifting. Upon further inspection it turned out that the clamp bolts were missing on the lower femur cheeks which clamp the main bearing shaft and lock it to the femur. With these loose the shaft is able to move slightly and hence the encoder drift. However, while isnpecting this I found something worse... much worse! I noticed the coxa assembly had some play in it around the bearing, so I thought the bearing nut may need tightening so removed the coxa encoder to take a look. To my horror the bearing was at a very jaunty angle, which can only mean the shaft was bent!

As you can see having removed the coxa plates the 32mm stainless steel shafts have buckled under what I would call moderate load testing, so its back to the drawing board for these!!!

bugger, could really do without this at this stage, not the kind of thing I want to find out a day before my birthday :(