Friday, 20 May 2016

TAZ5 OcotPrint initial test

So I have ran my first print over octoprint. At first I didn't have much success, I tried to run the print by selecting a file from the SD card. Although the file loaded, I couldn't get it to start, when I pressed print heating did not start. Would like to get this working as I would imagine if the ocotprint server failed the SD print would continue?

Anyway, I did get a print working by simply dragging and dropping a gcode file created in S3D straight on to the interface, and printing locally. All worked very well, including webcam/time-lapse.

When annoying issue was that the cancel print button would wait for the last command to complete, so if the bed was heating, you couldn't do anything until it has finished the heating period. I got around this by adding the M112 E-Stop command into the Cancel script. This does the job but does also disconnect the printer.

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