Monday, 30 November 2009

Spot the difference!

We were somewhat surprised at the weight of the four station cetop 3 manifold we ordered from Bosh. The unit weighs 6.7Kg, and as we have seven of them on our machine, that's 46.9Kg of manifold! So I started to look for an aluminium alternative. Our Bosh rep told me that they don't stock alu versions because the don't work so such high pressures as the cast iron version, however, seeing as we are only at 160 bar, this shouldn't be an issue. I managed to find an aluminium version of the exact manifold we have made by Macabor. I also found a pretty good price of £89 each, however, after some further investigation I found the Uk distributor for Macabor, and picked up seven of these aluminium manifolds for £47 each! Well happy with that, saved over £200 pounds and the combined weight of the alu version is 18.9Kg, saving 28Kg from the machine weight.. not to be sniffed at! :)