Thursday, 5 November 2009

Webots simulation update.

I have taken a look at the webots simulation I started 2 months ago. Its been a while, so it took a bit of head scratching and many cups of tea to get back to where I was, however, the last thing I remember I needed to do was to figure out if I could use the standard £300 version or would I need the Pro £3000 version! Fortunately I have found I can use the standard edition, which is great! I will purchase a copy as soon as my demo version runs out in 30 days or so.

When I first built the hexapod model, I created it as a supervisor, instead of a robot model. I think the reason I did this as because I thought I would need supervisor functionality, which requires the pro edition. As it happens I don't, and I found a simple way to convert my existing world file with supervisor model into the robot model, by editing the world text file :)

I have also got contact sensors working on the simulation hexapod, this means I can send contact information back to the HexEngine so I can properly simulate terrain adaptation. I need to check if the standard version does allow shaped terrain??