Thursday, 11 March 2010

Air still in the system

So, the theory was that one of our air issues was caused by the low friction seals in our rams, hence the strip down, seal re-placement and re-build. Well it wasn't the seals.. the air is still a problem, but the cleg control hasn't been effected by the use of standard friction seals, so I guess we have learned something from the seal kit change.. and wasted time and money!

Next we have a series of possible fixes suggested, we though it best to try one thing at a time:

1) Add a check valve in to the return line back to the pump. This had no effect on the air issue.
2) Lift the pump/tank up above the height of the manifold block. This had no effect on the air issue.

Our new pump configuration, on top of our welding fume extractor :).