Saturday, 15 October 2011

Ankle sensor modification

Having stripped down the first of the four axis legs, I decided to see how easy the modification to the ankle sensor would be. This modification brings the cable out of a small M8 cable gland to one side of the housing, currently the housing consists of two parts, but I can't bring the cable out in its original position in the new 3 axis leg design, so the idea is to drill across hole through the side of the housing into the switch chamber, then drill down through the back face to break into the side hole. The cable will then go through the M8 gland, through the side hole and into the chamber. The side hole will then be plugged with an M6 screw or something similar.
So far so good, the cross hole has been drilled to 5mm so it can be tapped and plugged to M6.
Job done, I just need to tap the M8 hole a little deeper and plug the side hole, but it looks like its going to work!