Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Simulation Running

After a great deal of head scratching I have finally built my basic looking hexapod within Webbots. I found an example that uses a TCP socket, so I have added a TCP socket within the HexEngine which will stream the leg position angles to the simulation, this way I don't need to port the entire Engine over to webbots, just send leg angles.

Next I need to add the mounting points for all the cylinders so that I can calculate the extension of the rams during a walk cycle, from this I can calculated the flow rate of each leg and the overall machine.

I plan on purchasing a copy of webbots once this trial has run out, however, I'm not sure If I can use the basic version or not.. unfortunately I built my robot as a supervisor which requires the expert version, but I think my simulation will work as a simple robot... need to figure this out as there is a BIG difference in the license cost.