Friday, 17 June 2011

New Tibia Rams

The new 50mm bore tibia rams arrived this morning and I managed to get them all fitted and commissioned by the end of the day. The control I now have over the tibia axis is in a different league! I think the intertial load of the tibia was just too much for the 40mm bore rams, as I now have the PID loop tuned really nicely, just using the P term and MAX/MIN drive. I think the coxa rams would also benefit from the same size rams, however, I'm concerned about the knock on effect of adding an extra tonne of thrust into the coxa position!

Interestingly the new 50mm bore rams are slightly smaller than the Parker 40mm bore rams, and 3.5Kg lighter! When compared to the Parker 50mm bore ram they are about 9Kg lighter!! this would have been a great weight saving for out machine if we had of gone with this make in the first place.. live and learn :)