Wednesday, 9 February 2011

New HexEngine Enclosure

I have cut the new end plates for the HexEngine PC-104 case. This is a CanTainer which can take up to 5 PC-104 modules. The HexEngine currently consists of three:

1) PSU ( 12 - 24V in 5V out )
2) CAN Card (dual channel)
3) Vortex86 DX SBC

I have machined one end of the enclosure for 5 leds which indicate power and operational states for the software.

The other end has one 24v power led, reset switch and the following connectors which are all IP65 rated or higher:

1) CAN bus 1 + Power In (System CAN bus)
2) CAN bus 1 + Power Out (System CAN bus)
3) CAN bus 2 + Power In (Spare CAN bus)
4) CAN bus 2 + Power Out (Spare CAN bus)
5) LAN
6) COM1 RS232 (Linux Terminal)
7) COM2 RS232/RS485 (Will have RS232 Inclinometer)