Sunday, 13 February 2011

A momentus weekend.

I have spent the weekend working on the Mantis with Josh, who kindly gave up his weekend to help out with some of the more difficult tasks I still have to complete. First off we stripped down the test rig, and removed all the components we required to build the last leg. This didn't take too long and I can now empty out the rams and take them to be painted. Josh then started work on fitting the new load pin sensors to the ankles, and re-positioning the metatarsus encoders so that they can be adjusted with ease.

I set about fitting the 48 hydraulic valves and 12 pressure sensors to the manifold block. To do this we first had to drain the system down, and remove the hydraulic tank so that I had good access to the middle manifold blocks. The tank also needs work carried out, so I will do this now it is off the machine. It took a fair amount of time to finish but the valves went on well, and the chassis is looking really busy with all the electrical connections in place!

We then turned our attention to getting a set of rams back onto the right anterior leg. We did manage to get the metatarsus, tibia and femur rams in place, but by then it was 6pm and we were both shattered. Left the workshop looking a real mess and loads to do, but right now looking forward to a lay in tomorrow.